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Polish woman sets Guinness World Record in pierogi-making

Warsaw, Poland – A Polish woman has just set a new Guinness World Record to become the fastest pierogi-maker in the world, reported the Polish Press Agency (PAP).

“Pierogi are my life”, 46-year-old Beata Jasek (pictured above), the new record-setter who has been making the Polish delicacy for the last 15 years in Krakow establishments, told local media.

One might be more than inclined to believe her, after having cooked exactly… 1,066 pierogi in only one hour – amounting to an incredible feat of one pierogi every 3.4 seconds.

She hands-down broke the previous record of 756 pieces under an hour.

Pierogi is undoubtedly the quintessential Polish national dish. Curious how to make them? Check out our home-made recipe of Pierogi ruskie, one of its most popular variants!

The World Guinness Record-breaking took place during the Plum (a fruit often found in sweet pierogi) Festival, held every year in Iwkowa, Beata Jasek’s home-town in southern Poland some 70 km from Krakow, which coincidentally enough has been named European Capital of Gastronomy for the year 2019.

After being cooked, her 1,066 delicacies were than handed for free to delighted festival-goers.

Over the years, Poles have broken numerous Guinness World Records, from utterly remarkable ones to completely mind-boggling feats. Check out the weirdest Guinness World Records broken by Poles and/or in Poland!

12 comments on “Polish woman sets Guinness World Record in pierogi-making

  1. Camille Shelhamer


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  2. Jim Kowalczyk

    Did she set the record for making pierogi or for cooking pierogi. Hard to believe that she could prepare 1066 of them (put in the filling, fold the dough, etc.) and cook them in that time.

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    • Kafkadesk

      Hi Jim, the record is “just” for making pierogi, not cooking them.

      Although they were cooked later on and given to the festival-goers!


      • Darlene Bodnar

        The article said she COOKED that number in an hour. Impossible to make that many in an hour!


  3. Steve Stienkeoway

    I can break that record

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  4. Phyllis A Pawlowski

    I would like to challenge her!

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  5. Not sure how you could possibly make them that quickly since it takes a long time to make the dough & the filling. Plus you have to roll out the dough, cut the dough, fill and press. One person can NOT do ALL of that in the time stated! My family has been making pierogi’s for generations and we pre-make our fillings the night before to save on time. So unless all the fillings and dough is prepared ahead of time and the dough rolled out precut and set aside ready to be stuffed, there is no way this lady is making that many pierogis by herself in that little time!!!


  6. Debbie Pritts

    I would like to have the recipe

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  7. Mary Ellen

    Always some one like you trying to think you are better!!


  8. Helen B

    Not possible


  9. Helen B

    Okay, I read it a second time. It does not say she made them. It says she “cooked” them.
    Well hell, I can cook them too if you put up ten pots if boiling water and the pierogi were pretty-made. What a scam


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