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Hungary optimistic over swift end to ‘absurd’ EU rule-of-law row, Financial Times

The Financial Times sat down for an interview with Hungary’s Justice Minister Judith Varga, who slammed the EU’s disciplinary procedure launched against Budapest as nothing more than an ‘absurd witchhunt’ bound to end in the coming months.

In Poland, politics cuts across the diner table, Politico

Politico looks at how the ever-growing and deepening divisions in Poland is taking a toll on entire families and jeopardizing close relationships.

Poland’s diminishing influence, Carnegie Europe

Carnegie Europe’s Judy Dempsey shows that, although support for the EU is among the highest in Poland, Warsaw’s influence in Europe has reached its lowest point since joining the bloc in 2004.

For Ukrainians in Poland, jobs but no security, Politico

Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians came to work in Poland since war erupted in the eastern part of the country in 2014. Many of them, including those employed as Uber drivers, still have to deal with harassment, violence and xenophobia on a daily basis.

How has Eastern Europe changed in 30 years? I took the train from Berlin to Prague to find out, The Telegraph

The Telegraph took a trip throughout Central and Eastern Europe to see how much has changed in the past decades.

Kaczynski’s last hurrah, Politico

Jaroslaw Kaczynski is Poland’s de facto, all-powerful leader. What will happen when he steps down and who will come out on top during the ensuing power struggle?

The fake Nazi death camp: Wikipedia’s longest hoax, exposed, Haaretz

Some 200,000 people are said to have been killed in a Nazi death camp built on the ruins of the Warsaw ghetto. Only problem? It never actually existed. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg of Polish nationalists’ attempt to distort the Holocaust.

Abortions, amnesties and accusations: September in Czech and Slovak politics, Political Critique

Political Critique sums up the biggest political news that rocked Slovakia and the Czech Republic last month.

How the alliance with Israel has reshaped the politics of Viktor Orban, Direkt 36

An incredibly thorough investigative piece by on the bromance between Hungary’s Orban and Israel’s Netanyahu, and what’s hidden underneath.