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How Poland’s ruling party won the internet, Politico

Although the Polish ruling party’s main voter base is “more TV-watchers than Instagrammers”, Politico looks at how Law and Justice (PiS) became the most modern and digital-savvy movement in Poland.

The plane crash that helped one man take over a nation, Bloomberg

How Poland’s de-facto leader, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, used the personal tragedy of the notorious 2010 Smolensk plane crash and death of his brother, Lech, to cement his grip and rise to power.

Poland’s drift to right divides young male and female voters, The Guardian

The Guardian’s Central & Eastern European correspondent Shaun Walker investigates, ahead of Sunday’s vote, why Polish women appear more left-wing and liberal than their male counterparts, much more attracted to nationalist and far-right movements.

Puppet master: Slovakia reckons with backstory to reporter’s killing, Balkan Insight

The ongoing investigation into Jan Kuciak’s murder and the release of private text messages of Marian Kocner, accused of ordering the hit, may be Slovakia’s moment of reckoning, argues Miroslava German Sirotnikova for Balkan Insight.

In defense of Poland’s ruling party, Politico

In this op-ed, France-based Polish writer Agnieszka Kolakowska takes a stand against ‘Polish-bashing’: “Poles are sick of being branded as right-wing extremists just because they don’t think patriotism is a dirty word”.

Poland could lose its democracy, The Atlantic

“Democracy is in mortal danger in Poland”, writes the Atlantic, “and the United States is one the wrong side of the fight”.

Shipwreck tower set to become Czech Republic’s tallest building, Dezeen

Design and architecture magazine Dezeen looks at what you can expect from the upcoming and controversial tallest building in the Czech Republic.