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French luxury brand Hermès to open first store in Poland

Warsaw, Poland – Hermès, the world-famous French luxury brand, will open its first store in Poland, local daily Le Figaro reported.

According to a press release sent on Friday, Hermès will open its first retail store in Poland at the end of November, strengthening its presence in a country where the luxury consumer goods market, worth more than 24 billion zloty last year according to a KPMG study, is booming as living standards rapidly rise.

Rumours about Hermès’ expansion in Poland had been circulating since the beginning of the year, as Rzeczpospolita reported back in March, despite stressing strong challenges in finding prime locations for luxury brand outlets: “There is a problem with finding the right class of premises for a luxury brand boutique. Even Louis Vuitton confirmed that searching for a location for a Warsaw salon took several years”, the Polish daily wrote.

The shop, the 311th in the world for Hermès, will be located in an 216 m²-space on the ground floor of the luxury Raffles Europejski hotel in the capital Warsaw, one of the most lavish hotels in the region which recently reopened last year after an extensive five-year reconstruction.

Founded in 1837, Hermès is a French family-owned business known around the world for its famous silk scarves and luxury leather-made products. In 2018, the company employed over 14,000 people worldwide, more than half of which in France, where most of its leather factories are located.

Hermès already operates in 49 countries around the world. Its new Polish store is a sign of the company’s wish to strengthen its presence in Central and Eastern Europe, where its stores and boutiques, except for one in Prague and two in Vienna, remain scarce.

Hermès boasts a particularly strong presence in Japan (39 stores), the U.S. (34), France (31), China (26), South Korea (19) and Germany (17), according to its 2018 annual report.

You can visit Hermès Poland’s official online store right here.

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