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Czech Republic: ANO still in the lead, Pirates Party polling in second place

Prague, Czech Republic – Prime Minister Andrej Babis’ ruling ANO party would win 30% of the votes if elections had been held last month, according to a poll conducted by the Kantar agency for Czech Television.

ANO party of Czech PM Babis tops the polls

According to the poll, the ANO party of the Czech Premier retains an comfortable lead on of all its opponents.

Cementing its place as the main opposition party, the Czech Pirates Party polls at the second position with 15.5% of the votes, slightly ahead of the Civic Democrats (ODS) that would come third with 14.5%.

A number of other parties would also cross the 5% threshold needed to enter Parliament, including the Communists (6.5%), the far-right Freedom and Democracy Party (6%) and the Mayors and Independents (5.5%).

The Christian-Democrats (KDU-CSL), TOP 09 and the Social-Democrats (CSSD), ANO’s junior government coalition partner, would also barely make it to Parliament with a 5% share of the ballots each.


Nine parties represented in Parliament, according to projections

In total, nine political parties would be able to send representatives to the Parliament, according to the Kantar poll, conducted in September and early October.

The Tricolour party, a new movement founded by ex-ODS member and son of the former Czech President and Prime Minister, Vaclav Klaus Jr., trailed behind at only 3.5%, below the required threshold.

Talking to the Czech News Agency, Kantar agency analyst Pavel Ranocha considered that the Tricolour party’s support came from voters leaving Tomio Okamura’s far-right SPD party.

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