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Prague, Budapest and Krakow ranked in world’s best stag party destinations

Budapest, Hungary – When it comes to organizing your buddy’s stag party, Central Europe appears like the place to be and its capital cities as some of the wisest destinations to choose from.

According to a new international stag do index compiled by Grosvenor Casinos, a U.K.-based chains of over 55 casinos, Budapest, Prague and Krakow all rank among the top 10 best stag party destinations in the world.

The factors taken into account in the study, which examines around 50 cities in the world, are, well, pretty predictable: cheapest beer and meal cost, most extravagant activities and bars to choose from, as well as weather forecasts, “because no one wants it to be raining during their last night of freedom”, the authors point out.

This last factor makes it all the more surprising that London comes out on top of the ranking, crowned the best stag party city in the world.

Anyone living in any of the main Central European cities has most certainly already witnessed stag parties. According to the ranking, Prague ranks as the second best stag party destination in the world. Anyone coming there should however be aware that local authorities have been taking a set of measures to regulate late-night, drunken partying, including establishing a so-called “night-life mayor” or attempting to ban beer-bikes in the city centre.

Cheap bear and a wide offer of bars and restaurants, among other factors, have placed Hungary’s capital as the 3rd best stag party destination in the world.

The Czech capital is closely followed by Budapest, recently ranked as one of Europe’s cheapest city of expats, which rounds up the podium. Krakow, Poland’s second-biggest city and main tourist destination of the Central European country known for its low cost of living, is also among the top 10, coming at the 8th position.

Although trailing slightly behind, Bratislava is ranked at a recommendable 20th position in the world.

Quite naturally, Central European cities fare especially well in the beer price category, with Budapest (4th), Prague (5th), Bratislava (7th) and Krakow (8th) all in the top 10, dominated by Sofia, Cancun and Tenerife.

If you’re out of ideas on where to organize your friend’s stag party, here’s the top 10 stag destinations, according to the new index:

  1. London, U.K – “the ultimate stag do destination”
  2. Prague, Czech Republic – for its “European charm and great weather”
  3. Budapest, Hungary – given the average price of a pint, “no surprise stags are flocking in their thousands”
  4. Madrid, Spain – “a great choice for sun-worshiping stags”
  5. Las Vegas, U.S. – for its “extravagant activities and guaranteed sunshine”
  6. Barcelona, Spain – thanks to “a mixture of city and beach vibes”
  7. Moscow, Russia – a definitive stag do destination despite “the high chance of rain”
  8. Krakow, Poland – “good for both cheap food and taxis”
  9. Sofia, Bulgaria – “brilliant for cab fares”
  10. Cancun, Mexico – “a tropical long-haul” stag do destination not to miss
Source: Grosvenor Casinos