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Polish act Baasch to open for Fran Palermo at Budapest All Saints’ Day party

Budapest, Hungary – Interested in celebrating life and death for All Saints’ Day? Having released several new songs this year, including the FOMO movie theme song, Jeopardy, the Budapest-based band Fran Palermo are having a special noir and bittersweet party at Akvarium tomorrow night.

In addition to otherworldly and creepy visuals, Henri Gonzo and Fran Palermo will be joined on stage for this very unique night by guest musicians, including Polish electronic artist, Baasch.

Show is at 19:30 and tickets are available online. The Fran Palermo official afterparty will be held at Ambient, with DJ sets by Bettina Nem, Mate Kalicz & Gergő Osgyán and Yambo.

One of the most distinctive, original and well-known artists on Polish alternative and electronic scene, Baasch’s music is known for his characteristic, hypnotizing vocal, dark electropop sound and catchy melodies. He developed his own recognizable style efficiently moving between electronic music and synth-pop. Both of his studio albums released at NEXTPOP Songwriter’s Label received great reviews and were included in many end-of-year rankings as one of the best Polish albums.

Joined on stage by Aleksander Żurowski, Robert Alabrudziński on drums and Tomasz Mreńca on the violin, Baasch played at the biggest festivals in Poland and gave concerts in the Czech Republic, Germany, Norway, France, Iceland and even China. He cooperates with a large part of the Polish electronic scene, including Rysy, Bokka, Mary Komasa, Novika, Wojtek Urbański, Sonar Soul, Agim, Piotr Bejnar and many others. He also composed music for the Tomasz Wasilewski movie “Floating Skyscrapers”.

Baasch is one of the most distinctive, original and well-known artists on the Polish alternative and electronic scene.

For those who don’t know them, Fran Palermo is a Budapest-based indie band, formed and fronted by charismatic multi-instrumentalist Henri Gonzo, who writes and composes most of the band’s music. Regular returning guests at Sziget Festival, they have become one of Budapest’s main bands with a huge following. They recently composed  the theme song for Attila Hartung’s movie, FOMO: Fear of Missing Out.

Born in a family of artists, with his father teaching music at the Havana Conservatory,  Henri Gonzo has Cuban and Spanish roots which can be heard in his music. Bouzouki, accordion, melodica, and a lot of brass define their unique and particular tropical jungle-rock with Mediterranean undertones sound, described by Le Courrier d’Europe Centrale as “a kind of Arizona cactus in the Hungarian puszta”.

While waiting for our exclusive interviews of Baasch and of Henri Gonzo coming soon, and before heading out to Akvarium tomorrow night, don’t forget to check out Fran Palermo’s song Jeopardy, theme to the movie FOMO: Fear of Missing Out:

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