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After elections, is Poland’s PiS in for an easier ride, or a bumpy road ahead?, World Politics Review

Central and Eastern Europe correspondent Andrew MacDowall looks at the multiple challenges Poland’s ruling party will have to face in the coming years, and how it can weather all the storms accumulating on the horizon despite its apparent triumph in the polls last month.

Hungary’s last communist Prime Minister tells (almost) all, Emerging Europe

The English-language highlights of an interview in Hungarian with Miklós Németh, known as Hungary’s last communist Prime Minister who oversaw the peaceful 1989 transition, on his background and political legacy.

Defend Poland’s civil society, not its ruling party, Politico

Maciek Piasecki responds to an op-ed previously published by Politico, entitled ‘In defense of Poland’s ruling party’, arguing that “Poland’s civic society and its institutions have been the ones to fight for our democratic rights” and these “are the people who need defending now”, not the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party.

Czech-China love affair hits the rocks, Al Jazeera

Prague-based foreign correspondent Tim Gosling takes a look at the souring relations between China and the Czech Republic following the most recent spat between Beijing and the Pirate mayor of Prague.

‘This is the golden age’: Eastern Europe’s extraordinary 30-year revival, The Guardian

The Guardian’s Shaun Walker spotlights the incredible transition that Central and Eastern European countries have gone through in the past three decades – despite the numerous lingering problems and pitfalls.

How liberalism became ‘the God that failed’ in Eastern Europe, The Guardian

A long read by The Guardian on the backlash provoked by the failures of liberalism in Central and Eastern Europe.