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Slovakia: At least 13 dead in most tragic car accident in years

Bratislava, Slovakia – At least 13 people have died in a tragic car accident in Slovakia earlier today, according to reports from the scene.

The collision between a truck and a bus close to Nitra, in the south-western part of the country, on Wednesday has left more than a dozen people dead and over 20 injured.

The most serious cases have been transferred to the main hospital in the close-by city of Nitra, while others are being treated on site by paramedics and medical staff.


According to the firefighters who rushed to the site, the human toll of the accident could further increase in the coming hours and days.

The exact cause of the crash remains unknown at this time, and is still being investigated by local authorities, who will try to determine whether it was caused by human error or negligence.

Pictures and live reports of the scene where the crash occurred have been circulating on social media in Slovakia throughout the day.

This is the most tragic and deadliest car accident in Slovakia in many years. In 2009, a collision between a passenger train and a bus near Brezno, in central Slovakia, left 12 people dead and two dozen more injured.

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