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Conor McGregor lookalike opens restaurant in Slovakia dedicated to MMA fighter

Bratislava, Slovakia – A Conor McGregor lookalike from Slovakia has opened a restaurant in his home-country entirely dedicated to and themed after the world-famous Irish martial artist and boxer, Business Insider reported.

Mikuas Gerenyi may be Conor McGregor’s biggest fan. The native from Slovakia has decided to open a restaurant dedicated to the Irish MMA fighter in his home-town of Cierna nad Tisou in south-eastern Slovakia, close to the Ukrainian and Hungarian borders.

“Many people say that he and I look alike, and so many people think that the graffiti painting is [of] me!”, he told reporters from Business Insider, who notes that the owner “plays his part too, dressing, grooming himself, and even walking like McGregor”.

A Conor McGregor look-alike opened a restaurant dedicated to the famous MMA fighter in Slovakia. Source: Business Insider

The restaurant, called ‘The Notorious‘, is completely decorated and themed after the famed King of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), and is also a distributor of the Proper No Twelve whiskey, the liquor brand launched by McGregor last year.

“My dream is to meet him in my restaurant and become a distributor in eastern Europe, in Slovakia my home country, Hungary and the Czech Republic”, Gerenyi said.

At least, the young Slovak has managed to get the former UFC featherweight and lightweight champion’s attention. A few days ago, McGregor retweeted a video about ‘The Notorious’ with the caption “Tasty”. Looks like his dream could very well come true…