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Oldest Czech citizen dies at 108 in Moravia

Prague, Czech Republic – Magdalena Kytnerová, the oldest Czech citizen, has died at the age of 108.

Ms. Kytnerová passed away this week-end in the city of Kroměříž, in Moravia, where she was living.

In her old age, she was taken care of by her son and daughter-in-law, and used on a regular basis her phone and Skype to stay in touch with her daughter, who lives abroad, Kroměříž local authorities revealed following her birthday last year.

Born on March 17, 1911, in then-Austro Hungarian Empire, Magdalena Kytnerová lived through WWI and WWII, the birth of Czechoslovakia as an independent state, the Nazi occupation and Soviet rule, the fall of communism, the return to democracy, the split of Czechoslovakia in 1993 and the Czech Republic’s accession to the EU.

Marie Schwarzová, the former oldest citizen in the country, died in August at the age of 109.

The Czech Republic currently counts more than 430 centenarians, according to Radio Prague, most of them women.

With life expectancy rising and the Czech population ageing fast, their numbers keep growing by the year. According to projections by the U.N., the Czech Republic’s population could decrease by more than 5% by 2050 due to strict immigration policies, a strong emigration among the country’s youth and low birth rates.

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