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Salaries of Czech politicians to increase by 10% next year

Prague, Czech Republic – The salaries of the Czech Republic’s senior officials and top politicians should increase by approximately 10% in 2020, the Czech News Agency (CTK) reported on Sunday, based on figures from the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.

According to CTK’s calculations, the President’s salary should increase to 302,700 Kc (around €11,850) next year, compared to 274,500 Kc until now, making the head of state by far highest-paid official in the country.

The Prime Minister and chairmen of both houses of Parliament come next, with a monthly salary of 243,800 Kc (€9,550) as of 2020, followed by the deputy-Prime Minister (209,400 Kc / month, or €8,200).

Ministers and deputy-heads of both the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate should receive a gross monthly wage of 173,200 Kc (€6,800). Meanwhile, MPs and Senators should see their wage boosted by 8,400 Kc to reach 90,800 per month (€3,550).

You can see in the graph below how Czech politicians’ salaries have evolved over the last decade.

Source: Czech News Agency

The average gross monthly wage reached around 34,000 Kc (€1,330) in the third quarter this year, the Czech statistical office revealed.

After months-long negotiations with employers and trade unions, the Czech government recently approved a minimum wage hike for next year, bringing it to 14,600 Kc gross per month (around €570) as of January 2020.

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