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22-year-old Serbian national killed in central Bratislava

Bratislava, Slovakia – A 22-year-old Serbian national was killed in Bratislava on Sunday, local daily Sme reported, as the debate rages on about whether it’s still safe to wander the streets of the Slovak capital city late at night.

Young Serbian national killed in the streets of Bratislava

A man was found dead on SNP Square, in central Bratislava, in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Police rushed to the scene shortly after 5 am after receiving calls from passersby, who found a man unconscious on the upper side of SNP Square, in front of the city’s main post office. First-rescuers tried, to no avail, to reanimate the man, initially merely identified as a foreigner who allegedly died after receiving a blow in the head.

On Tuesday, Sme reported that the victim was a 22-year-old Serbian citizen.

According to Slovak law enforcement authorities, the attacker is on the loose and still hasn’t been apprehended. Local police have urged eyewitnesses or anyone with information to contact them in order to help them locate the suspect.

They later released a video, not showing the attack itself, but the few seconds leading up to it, with a group of Serbian men, aged between 20 and 35, who “could help resolve the case” but were apparently not wanted as suspects in the case.

Bratislava crime spike in the spotlight

This incident comes only a few weeks after a woman was found dead in Bratislava, reigniting the debate on safety in Bratislava, including in its city center and around Obchodna street.

Last year, Henri Acorda, a Filipino expat working and living in Bratislava, was killed on the same Obchodna street. His attacker, 28-year-old Slovak national Juraj Hossu, was immediately arrested, eventually charged with the murder and sentenced to six years in prison.

To address this recent spike in street violence, Slovak police stepped up its presence in the center of Bratislava and placed a police station on Obchodna street last August.

Although pledging to adopt new security measures if necessary, Bratislava mayor Matus Vallo appeared disheartened by the recent string of killings in the streets of Slovakia’s capital. “What is the point when there are people around us who cannot control their behaviour and are able to, all of a sudden, attack a man so brutally that they kill him”, he wrote on social media.

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