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Czech Republic’s ANO would win landslide victory, new poll shows

Prague, Czech Republic – The ruling ANO party of Prime Minister Andrej Babis would have won a landslide victory if elections had been held in November, a new poll by the STEM agency shows.

According to the survey, Babis’ ANO movement would receive 34.9% of the votes – its highest polling level since November 2018.

Earlier surveys this year showed ANO in the lead but losing ground compared to the main opposition groupings, indicating that the Czech Prime Minister’s support had been slightly dented by the allegations of corruption and conflict of interest that triggered a wave of mass protests over the past several months.

The Czech Pirate Party would come second with 10.9% of the votes, a sharp drop compared to previous surveys where the main opposition party was polling between 12% and 16% of voter preferences.

With 10.6% of the votes, the Civic Democrats (ODS) would come third right behind the Pirates, followed by the far-right Freedom and Direct Democracy Party (9.1%), the Mayors and Independents (7.2%) and the Communist Party (7.1%).

Source: STEM Agency

The Social Democrats, ANO’s junior coalition partner in the current government, would receive only 6.4% of the votes, ahead of the Christian Democrats (5.5%).

According to the STEM poll, all other parties, including TOP 09 and the new Tricolour Party of Vaclav Klaus Jr., would fail to pass the 5% threshold required to send representatives in Parliament.

However, the survey was conducted before last week, which saw the release of a damning European Commission report accusing Andrej Babis of conflict of interest and the top state prosecutor reopening a domestic investigation into the Czech Premier for alleged EU subsidy fraud – sending, once again, tens of thousands of Czechs into the street urging Babis to resign.

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