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Two men arrested in Hungary for murder of young Serb in Bratislava

Bratislava, Slovakia – Hungarian authorities arrested two men suspected of the murder of a young Serbian national in Bratislava last Sunday.

In a joint operation carried out with Interpol, Hungarian police have arrested two men, also from Serbia, who allegedly killed a 22-year-old Serb on December 8 in the Slovak capital’s city centre.

“On the basis of procedural actions taken, they have been charged with murder committed in the form of complicity”, Slovak police wrote on Facebook, explaining that the release earlier this week of CCTV footage had been instrumental in identifying and apprehending the two suspects.

Hungarian police have released a video of the men’s arrest.

The exact circumstances of the murder, which reignited a debate on the level of safety in central Bratislava, remain unknown at that time.

According to the Slovak Spectator, the two men, who are awaiting their extradition to Slovakia, could face from seven to ten years in prison if found guilty.

A third suspect from Macedonia has also been detained in Slovakia.

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