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Czech teenager builds world’s second-biggest Millennium Falcon LEGO replica

Prague, Czech Republic – A Czech teenager has just built the world’s second-largest Millennium Falcon Lego model, Radio Prague reported.

Radek Popík, a 16-year-old Czech teenager from Moravia, has spent nearly one year to build a 70,000 Lego-piece replica of the most famous star-ship of George Lucas’ Star Wars saga.

“My design of the Millennium Falcon is based on the Star Wars series. I just found some pictures of the interior and exterior of the ship on the internet and then I built it. It took me about eight months”, he said.

Earlier this year, the young master-artisan was selected by the LEGO company to present his artwork at the prestigious LEGO World event, held in Copenhagen in February.


Measuring about 160 centimeters in length, Radek Popík’s Millennium Falcon is an incredibly elaborate feat of meticulous crafting, with highly-detailed features of both the interior and exterior of the star-ship.

In the Star Wars saga, the Millennium Falcon, known for its ever-failing light-speed, is the proud property of Han Solo, who won it from Lando Calrissian in a cards game a few years before the events depicted in ‘A New Hope’, the first/fourth chapter of the series released in 1977.

According to Radio Prague, the teenager from the small Moravian town of Bruntál first got the idea in 2007. “When I was four years old, I saw a picture of a LEGO Millennium Falcon on the internet. I asked my mom to buy it for me, but she told me it was too expensive. So ten years later, I decided to build one on my own, and it is even bigger”.


On Tuesday, his Millennium Falcon was officially listed in the Czech Book of Records.

The world record was set in Australia in 2015 by a father-and-son duo. Dan and Chris Steininger used no less than 250,000 LEGO bricks to build their massive replica (pictured below), along with two two-metre-high imperial TIE Fighters. Saying they’re Star Wars fans would be an understatement. The previous year, father and son had already built the largest Darth Vader model in the world, measuring more than three-metres tall.

But according to Czech Television, the young Radek is determined to break that record.


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