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Czechs need “minimum decent wage” of 1,200€ to cover basic needs

Prague, Czech Republic – According to a team of experts from the Czech Sociological Institute and Friedrich Ebert Foundation, the minimum ‘dignified’ wage for Czechs is 31,463 Kc (around 1,230€).

This sum is supposed to take into account and cover all the basic needs (housing, food, healthcare, clothing, transport, education, leisure, entertainment…) as well as small savings for unexpected expenses for two people.

The official minimum wage in the Czech Republic, recently increased by the government, will be only 14,600 Kc (around 570€) as of January 2020. While the average gross monthly salary reached nearly 34,000 Kc (approximately 1,330€) in the third quarter this year, nearly of the population makes less than 30,000 Kc per month, according to the Czech statistical office.

Around half of Czechs do not earn a decent minimum wage, according to authors of the study, including low-skilled professions and women, who earn on average much less than their male counterparts, as well as more educated workers, like teachers, social workers or municipal officers.

According to the study, people living in Prague would need a slightly higher salary of 36,850 Kc (1,450€) to cover their basic needs, due to the higher living costs in the Czech capital.

You can find more information about the study on the website (in Czech). According to the Czech News Agency, the figures will be updated every year.

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