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Slovak far-right LSNS party polling in second place ahead of February elections

Bratislava, Slovakia – The Slovak neo-Fascist ‘People’s Party Our Slovakia’ (LSNS) is polling in second place less than three months before next February’s parliamentary elections, a new survey has shown.

According to a Focus agency poll, Marian Kotleba’s far-right LSNS party would come in second if the Slovak elections had been held in December. Gathering 11.8% of voter preferences, ‘People’s Party Our Slovakia’ has seen its support surge compared to a previous November survey, which put it at the fourth place with 10.3% of the votes.

Earlier this year, Slovakia’s Constitutional Court rejected a request to ban LSNS, presented on the grounds that Kotleba’s formation was an extremist group that violated the Slovak constitution and presented a threat to democracy.

After coming fifth in the previous 2016 parliamentary elections, LSNS sent, for the first time in its history, two representatives to the European Parliament this year.

The ruling Smer-SD party of former Prime Minister Robert Fico, recently charged by Slovak police with inciting racial hatred, would come first with 19.6% of the votes (compared to 20% in November).

Slovakia’s neo-Fascist LSNS party, led by Marian Kotleba, recently opened a new office in Prague to appeal to the sizable Slovak community living in the Czech Republic.

The two main liberal opposition groupings, the PS-Spolu coalition – which came first in May’s European elections – and ‘Za Ludi’, founded earlier this year by former President Andrej Kiska – himself under investigation for alleged tax fraud – would come respectively third and fourth, with 10.3% and 9.2% of the votes – a drop of 1.3 and 1.4 percentage points compared to the November survey.

Other parties gathering more than 5% of the votes include OLANO-NOVA (8%), Sme Rodina (7%), KDH (5.7%), SaS (5.7%) and junior coalition partner SNS (5.4%).

According to the Focus agency poll, 11.3% of the respondents declared they wouldn’t vote, while 11.7% said they didn’t know whether they would, nor for which party if they did.

This might be one of the last pre-election polls released ahead of February’s ballot, after the Slovak Parliament last month passed a controversial bill banning the publication of surveys up to 50 days before the election.

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