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Culture wars: Art world reflects Poland’s political divide, Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera shows how Poland’s cultural scene has become a battleground and an expression of the growing political divide between liberals and conservatives.

Czechia 2020: Scandals, slumps and spies in ‘paradise’, Balkan Insight

More political scandals, an economic downturn and renewed feuding on the country’s foreign policy: here’s a quick recap’ of what to expect in Czech politics this year.

Doubleplusungood: How the language of ‘good change’ is taking over Poland, Emerging Europe

A fascinating discussion on how Poland’s ruling party is using language and rhetoric to distort facts, deform reality and exclude sections of Polish society in a way reminiscent of Orwell’s ‘Newspeak’ language.

Germany’s Central European strategy bites back, Green European Journal

Central European analyst Zsuzsanna Végh examines the complex interplay of economic and political ties between Germany and Visegrad countries, and how Berlin could improve its standing and influence in Central Europe in the coming year.

Drones target polluters in one of Europe’s smoggiest places, Bloomberg

Krakow, one of the most polluted cities in the most polluted country in Europe, has implemented a radical and ambitious clean air policy – thanks to electric buses, a ban on coal-burning… and smog-fighting drones.

In Poland, a stubborn defender of judicial independence, The New York Times

The NYT profiles judge Igor Tuleya, a fierce critic of the government’s judicial reforms and outspoken defender of the Polish judiciary’s independence.

Land grab: Hungary’s political elite accused of milking the system, Euronews

Euronews looks at how Prime Minister Viktor Orban, his friends, family and close associations are abusing their power to grab land with impunity and for significant personal financial gain.

Main photo credit: Emerging Europe