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Prague opens first Expat Centre to smooth integration of foreigners

Prague, Czech Republic – The city of Prague has opened its first Expat Centre to cater to foreigners, help them with their first steps and smooth their integration in the country.

Prague launches first Expat Centre

The official opening ceremony of the Expat Centre, located on Jungmannova street, took place last week in the presence of Prague city officials.

Its main activities will be to provide help, assistance, educational courses, information and contacts to foreigners – regardless of their occupation and purpose of stay – to help them navigate the first weeks of their new life in the Czech capital city, widely considered as one of the most popular destinations for expatriates in Europe.

“I guess everyone who studied or worked abroad knows how difficult the first steps in an unknown environment can be and how valuable any help is”, Vit Simral, Prague city council representative for the Pirate Party, said.

For many years, foreigners and expats have been flocking en masse to Prague, attracted by the Czech capital’s unsurpassed quality of life.

“That is why Expat Centres exist and I am very happy that Prague joined the family. Let this unique project be a friendly guide, advisor and source of support thanks to which foreigners will feel at home here”, he added.

Prague follow in the footsteps of Brno

Expatriates will also have the opportunity to meet with other foreigners to exchange tips, information and experiences regarding their new life in Prague. All these services are, of course, entirely free.

Prague’s initiative was inspired by the examples of other European metropolises, as well as Brno, the Czech Republic’s second-largest city, which has an Expat Centre since 2010.

According to a recent study of the Institute of Planning and Development (IPR), foreigners account for 15% of Prague’s population and more than one-fourth of its workforce.

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