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Prague organ transplant centre becomes largest in Europe

Prague, Czech Republic – The Prague Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine (IKEM) became the most important organ transplant centre in Europe in 2019, its representatives announced during a press conference earlier this week.

Prague-based IKEM is Europe’s biggest organ transplant centre

Last year, IKEM performed a record number of 540 organ transplants on a total of 486 patients, institute head Ondrej Viklick√Ĺ told journalists, outperforming all the other hospitals and clinical centres conducting this type of operation throughout Europe.

The most common operations performed by the Czech Republic‘s IKEM last year were kidney transplants (299), followed by livers (154), pancreases (41) and hearts (38). The median age of the donors was 58 years old.

34,000 organ transplants performed in the EU

The hubs for other largest organ transplant centre in Europe are mostly located in the U.K. and Scandinavian countries. IKEM reportedly performs some 70% of all the organ transplants conducted in the Czech Republic. Nation-wide, a total of 865 organs were transplanted to patients around the Czech Republic in 2019.

Under Czech law, a deceased person gives its automatic consent to become an organ donor after his death unless explicitly indicated otherwise.

According to EU data from 2018, 18 patients die every day in Europe waiting for a transplant. That same year, 34,000 organ transplants had been performed EU-wide, including nearly half of them involving kidneys (over 21,000).