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Czech Republic and Poland have among highest prisoners rate in the EU

Prague, Czech Republic – New European data shows that the Czech Republic and Poland have two of the highest prisoners rate in the EU.

With 232 prisoners per 100,000 inhabitants, Lithuania takes the top spot as the EU state with the highest rate of people incarcerated as compared to the country’s overall population.

The Czech Republic comes second with nearly 230 prisoners per 100,000 people, followed by Estonia (207 / 100,000), Poland (196) and Latvia (193). Slovakia and Hungary come next with respectively 184 and 177 prisoners for every 100,000 inhabitants.

Finland, Sweden and Denmark have the lowest incarceration rate in the EU. Source: Eurostat

The seven EU member states with the highest incarceration rate are all located in Central and Eastern Europe – well above the EU average of 116 per 100,000 people (the lowest level since 2000).

At the other end of the scope, Finland has the lowest prisoners rate in the European Union (56 per 100,000 people), followed by neighbouring Sweden (57), Denmark (59), Slovenia and the Netherlands (64). On average in the EU, only 5% of prisoners were women.

The figures presented here come from Eurostat‘s prison statistics collected for 2017 – the latest year with available data.