Every Sunday, check out our weekly press roundup of the best pieces and most insightful articles on Central Europe in international media (note: access to some of them might be restricted to subscribers only).

Poland’s Holocaust commemorations marred by politics, Balkan Insight

A much-needed Balkan Insight piece to understand the diplomatic rift opposing Poland, Russia and Israel regarding the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp, and what truly lies under the surface of this memorial clash.

What divides Czechs and Slovaks on Muslims, Ozy

Although their history, culture and politics are closely intertwined, Czechs and Slovaks have quite different views when it comes to Islam and Muslim migrants.

The disturbing campaign against Poland’s judges, The Atlantic

Couched in heavy legal language and obscured by propaganda, the years-long judicial battles in Poland are sometimes hard to understand. A must-read piece by Anne Applebaum to grasp what’s really at stake.

How ‘Coco Chanel of the East’ restyled Hungary’s image, Balkan Insight

Balkan Insight profiles and looks back on the fascinating career of Hungarian-Jewish fashion designer Klara Rotschild, who dressed all the elite and powerful class behind the Iron Curtain for decades while shaping Hungary’s image through style and fashion.

Unite or die – The plight of Hungary’s opposition, The Economist

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has been in power for nearly ten years. A lot of it has to do with the opposition’s inability to unite and build up a common platform to unseat the ruling Fidesz party.

Main photo credit: Ozy.com

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