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Only 2% of Czechs unable to pay utility bills on time, shows new study

Prague, Czech Republic – According to new figures released by the EU’s statistical office, only 2.1% of Czechs were unable to pay their utility bills on time in the past 12 months.

The Czech Republic boasts the second lowest rate among EU member states, bested only by the Netherlands, where 1.5% of households had trouble paying their utility bills (heating, gas, electricity, water, etc.) on time.

The other lowest rates were found in Sweden (2.2%), Austria (2.4%), Germany (3%) and Luxembourg (3.6%). czechs utility bills

With 6.3% of households unable to pay their bills on time, Poland is the only other Central European country below the EU average (6.6%).

Households in Slovakia (7.9%) and Hungary (11.1%) appeared to be slightly more struggling to pay their utility bills on time – but still far from the difficulties faced by people in countries at the other end of the scope, including Greece (35.6%), Bulgaria (30.1%), Croatia (17.5%), Romania (14.4%) and Slovenia (12.5%).

Among the largest EU countries, Spain was slightly above the bloc’s average (7.2%), while France (6.4%) and Italy (4.5%) remained below.

This data was collected as part of the annual EU survey on income and living conditions and published by Eurostat, the official statistical office of the European Commission.