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The best alternative and artsy cinemas in Prague

Prague, Czech Republic – Tired of always going to the same multiplex, taste-less and similar-looking cinema halls screening only the latest Hollywood blockbusters or Academy Awards nominees? Maybe the time has come to consider visiting some of the lesser-known cinemas in Prague.

You’re in luck, because the Czech capital has no shortage of artsy, independent and charmful little cinemas to offer you an alternative movie experience anytime of the week. Here’s a non-exhaustive list of the ones we enjoy the most.

Kino Pilotu


Definitely one of our personal favourites: Kino Pilotu is a lovely, hidden-away cinema located in the Prague 10 Vrsovice district, next to the famous Krymska street, home to the city’s bustling hipster culture. Even if you hang around there a lot, you might have passed it without noticing it.

With more than half a dozen screenings in its two cinema halls, Kino Pilotu offers everything from the latest foreign productions to home-made Czech movies, with a wide range of English-friendly movies as well and great offer for kids and families. A historic art-house in Prague that used to be operated since the first half of the 20th century by the Union of Czechoslovak Pilots, Kino Pilotu was entirely restored in 2016.

Before or after your screening, don’t hesitate to have a drink in the cinema’s small bar and cafe, or try out the excellent choice of beers in the Bad Flash microbrewery located right in front of it – or, for that matter, any other place in Krymska street.

Address: Donska 19 – Praha Vrsovice

Kino Aero


Located in Zizkov, Kino Aero is slightly further off from the city center than most of the other venues listed here, but nevertheless makes for a great starting point for a cinephile evening out. Set in the courtyard of a functionalist building, Kino Aero is also a historic gem, having operated since the early 1930s.

Its screenings are varied, both in genre and country of origin, and the cinema regularly takes part in all the movie and film festivals organized throughout the year in Prague and the Czech Republic, so be sure to follow them on social media to stay up to date with what’s happening there.

Address: Biskupcova 31 – Praha Zizkov

Bio Oko


Anyone who lives or has wandered in the Prague 7 district north of Letna Park probably know Bio Oko, an institution in its own right and by far among the best cinemas in the city. One of the most popular places for young residents of the Holesovice, Letna and Bubenec districts and beyond, Bio Oko cinema is a can’t-miss venue for movie-lovers.

Many people also just head to there to enjoy a drink or some “finger food” at the cinema’s bar, or to take part in the occasional food festivals and other cultural events hosted on the cinema’s premises. As in most of the cinemas listed in this article, you have complete freedom to take your beer and other drinks to enjoy inside the uniquely-furnished cinema halls.

Address: Frantiska Krizka 15 – Praha

Kino Svetozor


The last one of the trilogy. As you might have realized, Kino Aero, Bio Oko and Svetozor are all part of the same network and now have the same website.

Kino Svetozor is located in the beating heart of Prague, right next to Wenceslas Square, in a small arcade off Vodickova street and in front of the Lucerna Palace.

As always, an underground little bar is the ideal place to meet up ahead of the movie or afterwards to discuss the film with your friends. If you’re looking to redecorate your room with great visuals from your favourite movies, you can also head to the small shop located right next to the box-office, which offers a wide range of new and vintage movie posters from the Czech or Czechoslovak era.

Quick tip: if you walk further down the arcade past Svetozor, you’ll get to Frantiskanska garden, one of the best-kept secrets and hidden gardens in the heart of Prague.

Address: Vodickova 41 – Nove Mesto

Kino Atlas


Located right next to the Florenc metro station and on the outskirts of the popular Karlin district, Kino Atlas is not as well-known as other venues mentioned here. It is, however, definitely worth your time, for its wide cinematic offer, beautiful interior and great evening atmosphere.

Located in another highly functionalist building dating back to the 1930s and which used to host a bank, Kino Atlas should absolutely make the top of your list if you’ve already scouted all of Prague’s other artsy venues.

Address: Sokolovska 1 – Praha Karlin



Famous for its breath-taking single cinema hall, Ponrepo is located right in the city centre, slightly off Narodni, in a street commonly bustling with activity in the evenings and during the week-end.

The absolute go-to destination for lovers of old movies, both classics and lesser-known little cinematic gems from the Czech Republic or elsewhere, Ponrepo is also the seat of the National Czech Film Archives. Screenings or not, it’s also an incredibly relaxing and laid-back place to have a quick bite or enjoy a coffee in the afternoon.

Address: Bartolomejska 11 – Stare Mesto

Edison Film Hub


Edison Film Hub is the latest edition to the Prague alternative scene but definitely deserves its place on the list of the best cinemas. Opened in June 2019, the cinema is located on a quiet little square, close to Wenceslas Square and a couple of minutes away from the main railway station.

Located in a modern building, Edison Film Hub is a member of the Film Europe distribution network and is a great place to discover movies from the far corners of Europe, sometimes with discussions and Q&As organized after the screenings. It also features a bar/cafe to have a drink and a tasty piece of cake before or after the screening.

Address: Jeruzalemska 2 – Nove Mesto

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