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Patriotism vies with pragmatism in Poland’s latest foreign foray, Financial Times

A key piece to understand why Polish carrier LOT’s recent purchase of Germany Condor Airlines has been hailed as a matter of national pride, and whether or not the tie-up actually makes sense from the economic point of view.

Black clouds over Polish coal, Politico

Facing increasing pressure due to competition from cheaper coal from abroad and growing health and environmental concerns, Poland’s reliance on coal is, however, poised to continue for many years to come.

‘False advertising’: Christian democracy or illiberal democracy?, Balkan Insight

Princeton professor Jan-Werner Mueller explains why Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s claim to be the sole defender of Christian democracy in Europe is a misleading and false statement, disregarding the real roots and philosophy of Christian democracy.

The unstoppable rise of Czech oligarchs, Aspen Institute Central Europe

Economic journalist David Trampa profiles the different types of Czech oligarchs and billionaires while shedding some light on the undue and unchecked influence they wield over the Czech Republic’s domestic and foreign policy.

New and old enemies, Visegrad Insight

While Hungary’s Fidesz takes aim at the country’s Roma community, Poland is waging a war against its own judges. The tactics and objectives in both fear-mongering cases are not too dissimilar, argues Edit Zgut.

For the new right, Hungary is now what Venezuela once was for the left, The Guardian

The Guardian’s Nick Cohen explains how Hungary’s Viktor Orban has become an inspiration for conservatives around the world eager to embrace and mimic his radical views.

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