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Czech Pirate Party falls to third place in latest polls

Prague, Czech Republic – According to the latest polls conducted by the Median agency, the Czech Pirate Party is now polling at the third place.

Czech Pirate Party in third place, ANO retains commending lead in polls

If elections were held today, the Pirate Party of Ivan Bartos, which had lately been polling in second place, would receive 11.5% of the votes.

The Czech Pirate Party would come after the Civic Democrats (ODS), which could gain 14% of the votes, and the ruling ANO party of Prime Minister Andrej Babis who, with 30% of voting intentions, retains a comfortable lead on all opposition movements according to all the latest polls.

Median agency pollsters noted that the ANO party led by the billionaire Prime Minister was particularly popular among older citizens aged 65+, as well as unemployed people and pensioners.

The Civic Democrats, on the other hand, are boosted by the votes of university graduates, entrepreneurs and people aged between 35 and 44. The Czech Pirate Party would receive more than half of the votes from people aged under 34, is much more popular among men than women and would also gain an important share of the votes from people who received higher education.

Eight parties would enter Parliament if elections were held today

According to the Median agency’s estimates, five other parties would be able to send representatives in the lower house of Parliament: the Communists (8%), the far-right SPD party of Tomio Okamura (7.5%), the junior coalition partner Social Democrats (7%), STAN (6%) and KDU-CSL (5%).

TOP 09 (4.5%), the Greens (2%) and the Tricolour party recently founded by Vaclav Klaus Jr. (2%) would all fail to reach the 5% threshold to enter Parliament.

According to Median, the participation rate would stand at 62.5% if parliamentary elections had been held in January.

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