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Poland seizes record haul of heroin from the Middle East

Warsaw, Poland – Polish authorities have just made a record heroin bust and foiled a major smuggling operation.

On Sunday, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki told reporters that law enforcement authorities and tax inspectors had seized a record haul of 275 kg of heroin coming from the Middle East into Poland.

Local media reported that the drug was  hidden in four containers shipped to Poland’s seaport of Gdynia.

According to the Polish Premier, who praised the work of the police and tax officers who worked hand-in-hand on the case – the heroin could have an estimated street value of more than 60 million zlotys (around €14 million).

Also present at the press conference, Interior Minister Mariusz Kaminski said the bust was a “great success” and prevented the entire European market of being flooded with huge amounts of heroin,  which was said to be en route for Western Europe.

Thirteen people, including one 37-year-old Pole, have been arrested as part of the bust by Polish authorities in a coordinated effort with various other EU countries agencies.

In December last year, Poland made its biggest drug bust in the past three decades, seizing two tonnes of cocaine from Colombia worth more than €500 million.