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Czech President Milos Zeman to address nation on coronavirus crisis

Prague, Czech Republic – Czech President Milos Zeman should address the nation regarding the novel coronavirus pandemic later this week, his spokesman Jiri Ovcacek announced on Twitter.

More details regarding the speech should be released by the Prague Castle later today.

Milos Zeman has not appeared in public nor directly commented on the topic since the start of the coronavirus crisis, fuelling a number of rumours regarding the Czech head of state whose own personal health has been a topic of speculation long before the start of the epidemic.

President Zeman only expressed support to the measures introduced by the government of Prime Minister Andrej Babis as part of the state of national emergency and urged citizens to stick together and help each other out in a spirit of “unconditional solidarity” through a statement released by his spokesman last week.

“This is no time for selfishness”, the statement read.

The number of confirmed coronavirus infection cases reached 464 on Wednesday morning, the highest among Visegrad Group countries. Three patients are said to be in critical condition, while three others have recovered from the disease.

Main photo credit: ČTK

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