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Poland launches special Minecraft server to incite people to stay at home

Warsaw, Poland – With countries around the world declaring states of national quarantine and implementing the lockdown of entire cities to curb the spread of coronavirus, governments are scrambling to find ways to keep their citizens safe… and indoors. poland minecraft

The Polish answer might be to date one of the most imaginative schemes to make the prospect of staying weeks at home at least a tiny bit more pleasant and bearable.

Poland has launched a project called, a public server and digital hub comprising a whole string of educational, entertainment and creative activities, including a Minecraft server.

Each entitled to a 60×60 plot, Poles are encouraged to build the most mindboggling buildings – aka. spend as much time on it as possible – as well as replicas of known architectural landmarks and compete to be selected among the best works, due to be showcased and rewarded at the end of the month.

Apart from Minecraft, includes a host of other games and activities, webinars, quizzes and much more.

A cunning way to encourage Polish citizens of all ages – although students are more directly targeted by the Ministry of Digitization’s initiative – to spend their time and even socialize online rather than taking the unnecessary risk of going outdoors too often.

Schools in Poland are to remain closed until at least April 10. As of Thursday, Poland had reported 1,120 cases of COVID-19 and 14 deaths as a result of the disease.

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