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Slovaks are the most worried about coronavirus in Central Europe

Bratislava, Slovakia – Slovaks are much more worried about the coronavirus outbreak than the rest of Central Europe, a recent poll has shown.

According to a survey conducted by the European National Panels to monitor people’s perception of the COVID-19 pandemic, the degree of fear felt by citizens themselves or around them reached its highest level in Slovakia (77/100), followed by Hungary (74.2) and Poland (73.7), while Czechs (71.9) appeared slightly less worried.

European National Panels researcher Jan Tucek explains why the results differ so much between the Czech Republic and Slovakia: “Compared to Czechs, Slovaks are usually more emotional, more open and also more intense. Simply put, Slovak mentality is much closer to the Balkans. They experience things more intensely and know how to express their emotions.”

According to the study, “the obvious difference between the attitudes of the two nations lies in the level of pessimism which reflects the general difference in nature and emotions of both nations. If we look at the figures in more detail, we can see that mostly Slovak women and people from small Slovak municipalities panic about the situation. On the other hand, Czech men are mostly not concerned about coronavirus”.

A new poll shows how worried or optimistic countries in Central Europe are regarding the coronavirus pandemic. Source: European National Panels

When asked about their estimate regarding the future development of the coronavirus outbreak, Czechs were once again the most optimistic in Central Europe, while Poles and Hungarians harboured the most negative views (see graph above).

Meanwhile, Czechs (69.1/100) and Slovaks (66.2) appear to trust their government and state institutions to deal with the crisis much more than their counterparts in Poland (58) and Hungary (52.3).

Source: European National Panels

The results of this ongoing survey are published three times a week by the European National Panels, a joint venture established by three Prague-based marketing agencies (NMS Market Research, Nielsen Admosphere and STEM/MARK) and carrying out polling research in five Central and Eastern European countries (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and Bulgaria).

The results presented in this article were published on March 26 and may fluctuate in the coming weeks.

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Main photo credit: Reuters

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