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Poland: Leading newspaper launches English section to inform foreigners of coronavirus crisis

Warsaw, Poland – On Thursday, Gazeta Wyborcza, one of the most prominent newspaper in Poland, launched a dedicated English section on its website to cater to foreigners and inform them about the latest developments of the coronavirus crisis.

In order to help expats and foreigners who might have trouble finding accessible and reliable information about the COVID-19 outbreak in Poland, Gazeta Wyborcza created the News From Poland English-language section, containing news about current affairs, most particularly information linked to the coronavirus pandemic.

“The crisis caused by the coronavirus is unprecedented”, explained Jerzy Wojcik, the outlet’s publisher, in a statement. “Guaranteeing access to reliable information during a pandemic is our journalistic duty”.

“In these uncertain times, we want to support everyone – starting from today, with our ‘News from Poland’ project, we also want to help those with limited access to news from our country due to the language barrier”, he added.

The initiative has been welcomed by a large number of expats and foreigners living in Poland on social media channels.

The online section mostly contains translated pieces from the original, Polish-language section of Gazeta Wyborcza, but new articles should be added on a daily basis to inform expats about the latest developments. poland newspaper english

Founded in 1989 right after the fall of communism by renowned historian and anti-communist dissident Adam Michnik, Gazeta Wyborcza (which translates as “election newspaper”) is the leading liberal daily newspaper in Poland which has faced, ever since the conservative Law and Justice (PiS) party rose to power in 2015, growing attacks from officials and pro-government media

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