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Prague under quarantine: A photo reportage by Amos Chapple

This photo reportage of Prague under quarantine was originally published by Oko! Magazine, an official partner of Kafkadesk.

With more drastic measures being taken to avoid the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak, most of the city finds themselves restricted to homes or offices.

For the few, likeĀ Amos Chapple who managed to go for a city walk before the full quarantine took effect, the views have been somewhat surrealistic. Below, you’ll find a photo reportage of the Czech capital city like you’ve never seen it, and like you might never see it again.

Street in the Mala Strana district, in the historic center of Prague. Credit: Amos Chapple Photography
Aerial view of the Charles Bridge, the most iconic architectural landmark of Prague, usually filled with crowds of tourists. Credit: Amos Chapple Photography
Old Town Square, usually bustling with tourists, visitors and various street entertainment performances, now completely empty. Credit: Amos Chapple Photography

You can check out the entire photo reportage of Prague under quarantine on Oko! Magazine’s website right here, and discover more of Amos Chapple’s photos on his Facebook page!

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