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Russian embassy in Prague changes official address after Boris Nemtsov square renaming

Prague, Czech Republic – The saga continues: the Russian embassy in Prague has changed its official address a few weeks after the square where it was located was renamed after murdered Kremlin critic Boris Nemtsov, reported.

The Pod Kastany square, where the Russian diplomatic representation is located in Prague’s 6 district, was renamed in late February (náměstí Borise Němcova) in memory of Boris Nemtsov, an opposition politician and vocal critic of the Kremlin murdered in the streets of Moscow in 2015.

Inaugurated in presence of Prague mayor Zdenek Hrib and Nemtsov’s daughter on the fifth anniversary of his assassination, the renaming was meant as a gesture of solidarity to the Russian opposition and human rights movement. “This is in line with the Czech tradition of respect for human rights”, Hrib argued at the time.

A number of other cities across the world, from the U.S. to Ukraine and Lithuania, had previously also renamed the location of their respective Russian embassies after Boris Nemtsov to condemn what critics saw as a political assassination.

Five Chechens were arrested for carrying out the killing, but the investigation never uncovered who had ordered the hit.

According to, the Russian embassy’s website had until recently still indicated its official address as Pod Kastany, despite the renaming (see picture below).


Now, the Russian embassy instead registered its official address on Korunovacni Street where one of its secondary consular departments is located, also in Prague 6 and less than 500 meters from the main building.

A Foreign Ministry spokesperson confirmed the virtual move, saying it was simply an “administrative step” that Czech authorities had no reason to dispute or legally challenge in any way.

Prague municipal authorities also renamed a nearby promenade in the Stromovka park after Anna Politkovskaya, a Russian journalist and human rights advocate killed in Moscow in 2006.

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