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Bratislava police chief resigns over drunk driving

Bratislava, Slovakia – The head of the Bratislava city police Marek Gajdos has resigned from his post after being involved in a car accident and drunk driving, local outlet Dennik N reported.

Marek Gajdos declared he had fallen asleep behind the wheel for an instant, leading his car to veer off the road. No other vehicle was involved in the accident, and no one was injured in the crash.

Police later tested him for traces of alcohol and found that he had been drinking.

Bratislava mayor Matus Vallo said he accepted Gajdos’ resignation, but had asked him to remain in his post until the end of June in order not to disrupt municipal police operations amid the coronavirus crisis.

Marek Gajdos has in the past served as the head of the team investigating the notorious Gorilla corruption scandal, and was appointed to his current position by Matus Vallo last year.

“Until then, I want to announce and carry out an open public contest for this post, based on which I will be able to propose a new name to the city council”, the mayor and former architect said.

According to Slovak law, the head of Bratislava police is appointed by the city council on the mayor’s suggestion.

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