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Poland to keep borders closed until June 12

A Polish policeman inspects cars at the border between Poland and Germany

Warsaw, Poland – On Wednesday, the Interior Ministry announced that Poland would maintain its borders closed and keep the entry ban for foreigners in place until June 12.

Poland first closed down its borders and introduced among the strictest controls in Europe two months ago to stem the spread of coronavirus. Border restrictions were initially implemented for a period of 10 days.

While easing a number of other restrictions and allowing some shops and facilities to reopen – including hair and beauty salons, restaurants, cafes and bars, outdoor cinemas and sports facilities as of next Monday – the Polish government has decided to keep its entry ban in place for another 30 days.

While most foreigners, including EU citizens, are banned from entering Poland, a few exceptions apply, including for foreigners with legal work or residence permits, diplomats and the spouses and children of Polish citizens. Border checks have been maintained but loosened for cross-border workers in Germany and Ukraine.

The ban on all domestic and international flights has also been extended.

The announcement comes only one day after Poland saw its biggest hike in new coronavirus infections, with confirmed cases increasing by 595 in a single day, mostly due to new outbreaks in coal mines in Silesia.

On Thursday morning, Poland had more than 17,200 confirmed cases of Covid-19, while 861 people died from the disease.

Main photo credit: Carsten Koall / Getty Images