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Why is the Polish lotto so popular in Ireland?

The connections between Poland and the Republic of Ireland are extensive and stretch back through history. According to the latest census figures, there are more than 122,000 Polish people living in Ireland, representing over 2.5% of the total population and making them one of the largest immigrant communities in the country. polish lotto

The majority of Polish people live in the cities of Dublin, Cork, Limerick, and Galway and have had a presence in the country since the 1600’s. Meanwhile, around 2,000 people from the Republic of Ireland call Poland their home, with the biggest clusters of Irish people living in the cities of Warsaw, Krakow, and Gdansk.

One interesting by-product of this relationship is the significant popularity of the Polish lotto in Ireland, which attracts a large number of regular players. Let’s take a closer look at why the Polish lotto might be so popular in Ireland.

The rising influence of Polish culture in Ireland

One of the main and broader reasons that the Polish Lotto is increasingly popular in the Republic of Ireland is the rising influence of Polish culture in the country. While the Polish community in Ireland is already substantial, significant numbers of Polish people continue to move there, with thousands arriving every year.

In booming cities like Dublin and Cork, Polish-owned businesses such as supermarkets, delis, and restaurants are now ubiquitous, with Polish cuisine, in particular, becoming increasingly trendy in the capital.

The strengthening links between Poland and Ireland have helped to increase the visibility of Polish culture, including the Polish lotteries, within the country. In addition, both Poland and Ireland have very high rates of lottery participation, which helps to explain why the lottery of one country would be so popular in the other.


Increased access to Polish lotto in Ireland

Another factor for the recent rise in the popularity of Polish lotteries in Ireland is the increased accessibility of them for players in the Republic of Ireland. Thanks to modern technology that utilizes digital gaming software, Irish lottery fans are no longer limited to the Irish lotto.

Instead, now players and fans can participate in the Polish Lotto Draw, which includes access to the latest results and upcoming draws. Irish players might also be tempted by the odds available on Polish lotteries.

The odds of winning the Irish Lotto and the Polish Lotto are roughly the same, as they are respectively a 6/47 and a 6/49 draw. This represents odds of winning of about 1 in 13 million. However, other popular Polish lotteries, such as the immensely popular Mini Lotto, has odds of just 1 in 850,000, meaning players are 15 times more likely to hit the jackpot.

The affordability of Polish lotteries

As a final point, it’s worth noting that the Polish lotteries are all considerably cheaper than their Irish counterparts. The Polish Mini Lotto, for instance, has been dubbed the “cheapest lottery in the world” by the press, owing to the fact that a full line only costs 25 cents to put on.

Meanwhile, the Irish Mini Lotto costs double that, at 50 cents a pop. The Polish Lotto, for which the biggest jackpot ever won was more than €10 million, cost only 60 cents per line, compared to a whopping €2 per line for the Irish Lotto. It’s therefore unsurprising to see why the Polish Lotto is rising in popularity.

There are many enduring links between Poland and Ireland, with the lotteries just being one of them.