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Budapest ranked among top 5 rudest cities in Europe

Budapest has been placed as the third rudest and unfriendliest city in Europe

Budapest, Hungary – There we have it: a global survey has ranked Budapest among the top three rudest and least friendly cities in Europe.

Conducted by CEOWorld Magazine before the Covid-19 pandemic, the ranking is based on a survey of 178,500 European adults who were asked to name the top five rudest cities from a list of 50 of the continent’s largest urban centers.

Rated as rude by more than one-third of respondents (36%), Paris takes the sad top spot of the ranking, followed by London (18%) and Budapest (17.5%), while Vienna (10.4%) and Amsterdam (9.6%) complete the top 5.

Cited by more than 9% of survey respondents, Prague ranks as the sixth rudest city in Europe. Other rudest cities and capitals in Central and Eastern Europe taken into account in the ranking include Sofia (15th), Kyiv (19th), Bucharest (21st), Warsaw (25th) and Belgrade (32nd).

According to the survey, Russia’s Saint Petersburg is the friendliest and most polite city from the list of 50 cities pre-determined in the survey – despite making it to the top 5 unfriendliest cities in the world in another study – while Helsinki in Finland and Madrid in Spain are tied at the second place. Other cities with the best results include Athens, Lisbon, Volgograd, Naples, Stockholm and Glasgow.

For more information on the ranking, which evidently needs to be taken with a pinch of salt considering none of the respondents is likely to have visited all 50 cities of the survey, you can check out the full results right here.

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7 comments on “Budapest ranked among top 5 rudest cities in Europe

  1. sweety

    I found Budapest very friendly

  2. Sweety Sharma

    I found Budapest friendly.

  3. glessart glessart

    I have been to Budapest five times. Far from being the rudest city I find that it is the friendliest. It is the city I find to be the most accessible to the tourist. The staff in the various hotels I have used are amongst the most helpful I have ever encountered.

  4. Peter Trant

    I live here and am constantly amazed on how rude some of the shop staff are, including the fast food outlets. Some restaurants staff are great but they are few and far between. One thing is for certain, they don’t go the extra miles for their customers.

  5. Joanne Walters

    Love Hungary 🇭🇺 and Budapest been loads of times. Found it a really friendly place

  6. Fake news!
    And you know it!
    Hungarians are the friendliest most welcoming people of the world. Nice try with the attack on the Hungarian people because you don’t like the government.
    Why don’t you leave Hungary and go to Russia to the rudest people anywhere..

  7. Violet Althouse

    I love Budapest. I have been to Hungary 5 times. Budapest 4 times. With some exception, Hungarians are remarkably polite. At the long end of the day when they have had to deal with all the different tourists, most of who do not speak any Hungarian, they are mentally exhausted. Their language is nothing like anyone else’s. Tourists can be ridiculously rude and demanding and yet Hungarians tend to be polite. They might not be effusively friendly, they may even be a little cool at times. Just remember this, a mere ten years ago, most Hungarians, even in Budapest, didn’t speak English. If they did, it was truly minimal. Budapest is a phenomenal city that is very affordable. Take it for what it is, otherwise Disney World in Florida might be more your speed.

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