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Gay couple make “Polish TV history” in new Durex advert

Warsaw, Poland – Popular YouTubers Jakub and Dawid Mycek-Kwiecinski are believed to be the first gay couple to appear in a Polish TV advert after they were featured in a new Durex commercial.

In the 30-second condom advert for Durex’s ‘Loud in bed’ campaign, which shows four couples enjoying intimate moments, real-life married couple Jakub and Dawid are seen shaving and sharing a kiss.

The couple described the new commercial to Gay Star News as a “historic moment in Polish TV”. As well as being played across major TV channels in Poland, the ad will also air in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Lithuania.

Back in April, Jakub and Dawid Mycek-Kwiecinski already made headlines for distributing hundreds of home-made rainbow face masks to help fight both homophobia and coronavirus during the pandemic.

“Basic protection measures are lacking, and masks have become scarce products, we made our masks and we will give them out to people”, Jakub and David explained in their widely shared YouTube video, before adding that “the so-called ‘LGBT plague’ is helping protect people from a real plague”.

Jakub Mycek-Kwiecinski told Gay Star News that he worked as a presenter at national broadcaster TVP for nine years, before being fired because he was gay.

The Durex advert indeed comes as the issue of LGBT rights is flaring up again in Poland after President Andrzej Duda vowed at a rally on Wednesday that he would ban teaching about LGBT issues in Poland’s schools, should he be reelected in what is gearing up to be an increasingly tight June 28 presidential election.

Back in April, Jakub and Dawid Mycek-Kwiecinski were already distributed hundreds of home-made rainbow face masks to help fight both homophobia and coronavirus.

While Duda is an ally of the ruling right-wing Law and Justice Party (PiS), which brands “LGBT ideology” as an invasive foreign influence undermining traditional values in the Catholic nation, his main opponent is liberal Warsaw Mayor Rafal Trzaskowski of the main centre-right opposition Civic Platform (PO) party who has drawn criticism from religious conservatives for introducing education about LGBT matters in Warsaw schools.

In fact, since Trzaskowski signed in February last year an “LGBT declaration” pledging, among other things, to introduce sexual education classes in line with the World Health Organization’s guidelines, the topic has indeed taken center stage and divided public opinion in the country, with conservative critics often likening sex education classes to the “LGBT ideology” and its attempt to “morally corrupt” Poland’s youth.

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