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European Commission launches “Re-open EU” travel website to help tourists in age of coronavirus

Prague, Czech Republic – With the European Union, and all of its member states, planning for a safe re-opening of borders, the European Commission has launched “Re-open EU”, an interactive website giving information on travel, coronavirus rules, and whether hotels and beaches are open in EU countries.

Available in 24 languages, including Czech, Slovak, Polish and Hungarian, the information is frequently updated. An app could also eventually be launched.

In the meantime, here’s where to find all the info you need.

“While protecting the public health remains our priority, we want everyone to enjoy their holidays, to reunite with family and friends, and to be able to travel for any purpose”, reads a statement on the new platform. “This interactive tool provides you with the information that you need to confidently plan your European travel and holidays, while staying healthy and safe”.

Easily accessible on desktop and mobile, the platform allows people to browse country-specific travel information for each EU country through an interactive map, offering updates on coronavirus, applicable national measures as well as practical advice for visitors in the country.

The website only covers the 27 EU member states, with no information regarding the UK.

It answers such questions as: May I freely move within this country? May I enter or exit this country for tourism? May I transit through this country? May I fly to this country? May I enter this country without being subject to a mandatory quarantine?

But also: Are non-essential shops open? Are restaurants, bars and cafés open? Are beaches and tourist areas openly accessible? Are museums & heritage sites open?

It only covers the 27 European Union member states, with no information regarding the United Kingdom.

The ‘Re-open EU’ platform was one of the measures announced by the Commission in its Tourism and Transport package of May 13 to help travelling and tourism resume safely in the EU while respecting the necessary health precautions.

Officials hope lifting internal border controls will allow a gradual reopening to other countries and revive a tourism industry that flatlined during the lockdown. Reuters reports that the sector makes up almost 10% of the EU economy and even more in Mediterranean countries.