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Czech Republic launches state-funded spa and wellness vouchers

Prague, Czech Republic – As the economic impact of Covid-19 starts to kick in, governments around the world are launching all types of state-funded vouchers to support everything from struggling businesses to cash-strapped families. czech republic spa

No exception in the Czech Republic, where the government of Prime Minister Andrej Babis approved, on Monday, the introduction of spa and wellness vouchers to encourage residents to treat themselves to a relaxing wellness program in these stressful times.

Under the so-called “COVID Lazne” (COVID Spa) scheme, the government will offer a 4,000 Kc (around €160) voucher to anyone – as long as they pay for state health insurance in the country – remaining in a spa in the Czech Republic for at least six nights and who receive at least five treatments during their stay.

The scheme appears mainly designed to attract Czech residents to travel to the Karlovy Vary region, famed all across Europe for its spa and wellness facilities.

Around 250,000 spa vouchers will be available, according to the government, with the program set to run from July 1 until December 31.

After downloading the voucher on a dedicated website (, guests will be able to book their stay in a domestic spa and immediately receive the 4,000 Kc discount, Minister for Regional Development Klara Dostalova (ANO) explained.

Despite a recent surge in the number of new daily cases confirmed throughout the Czech Republic, the government has dismissed fears of a “second wave”, noting the outbreaks remain highly localized in the country’s coal-mining region.

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