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Hungary: Dutch nationals receive prison term for selling drugs at Sziget Festival

Budapest, Hungary – Two Dutch citizens, arrested last year at the popular Sziget music festival in Budapest for selling drugs, were sentenced to five years in prison by a Hungarian court on Monday, the Associated Press reported.

The two 23-year-old men from the Netherlands have also been banned from Hungary for four years after finishing their jail sentence.

Prosecutors, who were seeking longer prison terms for the accused, have appealed the court’s decision.

As we previously reported, the two Dutch nationals were arrested last summer for selling a high amount of different types of drugs, including marijuana and ecstasy pills, at Sziget Festival, one of the most popular music festivals in Europe held every year on a Danube island in Budapest.

“Police said the drugs seized would be enough to supply about half the concert-goers on a typical day at the festival”, AP writes.

The two men were arrested after security guards noticed a constant flow of visitors and festival-goers coming in and out of their tent. Local media also reported that the two culprits even printed sheets of paper listing what kind of drugs were on offer and for which price, along with one of their phone numbers.

While the street value of the drugs sold was originally estimated at around €15,000, police later discovered additional stashes in their van, bringing the value of their stock to over €300,000.

To the dismay of thousands of fans, the 2020 edition of Sziget Festival has been cancelled this year due to the COVID-19 crisis and ban on such large-scale events.

“There is no historical precedent for the current situation”, festival head Tamas Kadar declared in May. “This means that we do not have a solution for this. At the moment, we are just very sad that the huge amount of work, love and commitment demonstrated by our colleagues for decades has turned into nothing this year”.

Main photo credit: Official Sziget Festival

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