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Uncensored version of shock Czech documentary on sexual predators hits cinemas

Prague, Czech Republic – Caught in the Net (V siti), a Czech documentary exposing how sexual predators target underage girls online, will be released in an uncensored version in Czech cinemas today.

The uncensored version of V síti, allowed for 18+ viewers only, will contain graphic sexual content. Only the faces of the alleged perpetrators will continue to be pixelated, as it was in the previously released 12+ and 15+ versions.

The makers of the documentary, designed as an experiment with three adult actresses posing as 12-year-olds to expose online sexual predators and pedophiles, said they decided to release an uncensored version after discussing the issue over with some viewers and sexologists.

Released earlier this year, Caught in the Net has broken attendance records, with over 410,000 people flocking to cinemas (despite the months-long closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic), the highest box-office attendance for any movie in the Czech Republic in 2020.

Directed by filmmakers Barbora Chalupova and Vit Klusak, it’s also the most viewed Czech documentary of all time, beating Citizen Havel, released in 2007.

“What shocked us during shooting was that whenever we thought we’d seen the worst, something even worse came along”, commented co-director Vit Klusak. “After child porn there was animal porn. That was followed by threats and blackmail. It just kept going further and deeper. It was like a shock-filled ride to hell”.

As many as 2,500 men reportedly got in touch with the three actresses during the 10 days of shooting.

Credited for sparking a nation-wide discussion on online sexual predators, the censored version of the documentary was also released as part of an awareness campaign in schools, sponsored by the Czech Ministry of Education and interrupted due to the coronavirus crisis.

It should once again be screened at selected primary schools starting in September.

The documentary also prompted Czech criminal investigators to ask for the original film material and launch investigations into some of the perpetrators who appear in the movie. Three of them have already been convicted.

Caught in the Net is set to be released in over 170 cinemas across the Czech Republic starting today.

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