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Hungarians among most frequent social media users in Europe

Budapest, Hungary – Hungarians rank among the most avid and frequent users of social media platforms in Europe, according to Eurostat data released on World Social Media Day.

According to a poll conducted by the EU’s statistical office, 69% of Hungarians aged 16-74 had participated in social media networks in the three months prior to the survey – the sixth highest participation rate in Europe and 4 percentage points higher than last year.

Social media use was higher in only a handful of countries, with Denmark taking the first spot (81% participation rate), followed by Belgium (76%), Cyprus, Sweden (both 72%) and Malta (71%).


With a 59% rate of participation in social networks, the Czech Republic and Slovakia were a few points above the bloc’s average (54%), while Poland (53%) stood just below.

This share was below 50% in only two EU countries, France and Italy (both 42%).

In all EU member states, younger generations were much more prone to engage on social media than their elders, including in V4 countries: Czech Republic (96% of people aged 16-24), Hungary (93%), Poland (92%) and Slovakia (89%).

On the other hand, Czechs and Poles aged 65-74 had the second lowest social media participation rate in the EU (12%).

The share was only a few points higher in neighbouring Slovakia (14%), and twice as high in Hungary (26%) for that age group.

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