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Poland president Duda prank-called by Russian duo posing as UN head

Warsaw, Poland – After Erdogan, Boris Johnson and Emmanuel Macron, Andrzej Duda became the latest victim of Russian pranksters Vladimir Kuznetsov and Alexey Stolyarov who called the newly re-elected Polish President pretending to be the United Nations’ secretary-general, António Guterres. duda prank

Known as Vovan and Lexus, the Russian pair tricked Duda into having an 11-minute conversation, in which they discuss Covid-19, the LGBT movement and vodka, by pretending to be calling to congratulate him on his re-election.

The presidential palace confirmed that the recording, which has been posted on YouTube, is genuine, saying that said that the prankster had “passed verification in Poland’s Permanent Mission to the UN” before getting through to Duda, who was traveling in Central Poland at the time. duda prank

In the recording, Kuznetsov tries to trick Duda into commenting on such controversial topics as the current Covid-19 pandemic, the ongoing debate surrounding the LGBT movement in Poland and the bilateral relations with Ukraine. But with little success.

“I don’t discriminate against [the LGBT community], I have a huge respect for every human being,” stated Duda in English before adding that “there was a strong discussion during our presidential campaign about the LGBT movement, adoption and same-sex marriages.”

On former European Council president and Polish Prime minister Donald Tusk, Duda amusingly said that “he doesn’t like me” to which Tusk replied on Twitter: “I do like you, Mr. President. Especially for your openness.” Banter.

Still trying to drag controversial statements out of him, Kuznetsov then asked Duda about his “struggle with Putin” to which the Polish president replied that they simply had “a discussion about History” saying that Putin had “accused us of starting the Second World War.”

He nevertheless agreed with the fact that Russia played a “big part” in the victory in Europe, the problem being that “that they also occupied our country after the Second World War”. duda prank

“Russians say it was a friendly presence, we called it occupation,” he added.

Russian prankster Vladimir Kuznetsov pretended to be the United Nations’ secretary-general, António Guterres.

Provoked by the prankster, Duda also confirmed that he has no intention of invading Ukraine, conceding that “Lviv is now part of Ukraine and that’s the end. He added that “we are in very good terms with Ukraine” and even that Ukrainian president Zelensky is a good guy. The Polish president nevertheless admitted that Ukrainians may be the source of coronavirus in Poland, where the situation is “under control.”

On the recent presidential elections, Kuznetsov, still pretending to be Guterres, suggested that Duda’s main rival Rafał Trzaskowski, had assured him that it was he who had won and he had asked the UN secretary general to congratulate him. Not falling for it, Duda only found that “very strange” and reminded Kuznetsov that he had “more than 1% more than him” which amounts to about “half a million voters.”

On Donald Trump, Duda finished by saying that “he didn’t call [to congratulate me] but that maybe “he sent an official letter” confirming that “we have a good relation.”

Overall and regardless of political inclinations, one must admit that Duda handled that one pretty well.

Russian pranksters Vovan and Lexus are famous for having already duped Belarus president Lukashenko, Turkey’s Erdogan, Boris Johnson, French President Macron, as well as Sir Elton John, Prince Harry, Billie Eilish, Joaquin Phoenix and many others.

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