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The best Polish casinos for a weekend away

If you have a ticket to Poland and want to know where to play the best Polish casinos games, look no further than our guide. We’ve rounded up Poland’s best casino experiences, so you don’t have to scroll the internet for their latest reviews.

With the Polish borders reopening, don’t miss your first chance to enjoy their unique casinos soon!

What makes a great casino?

Nearly all decent casinos offer the same types of games and friendly service, so casinos that want to stand out from the pack need to do more to get noticed. They are required to give gamblers a feeling of sophistication, elegance and grandeur in their surroundings. They usually achieve this through fine dining restaurants, stellar hotel suites and the architectural brilliance of the casino.

But sometimes casinos have a head-start over other casinos based on their location. The best places make casinos even better. For example, Casino de Monte Carlo is in the prime location surrounded by the Les Ballets de Monte Carlo and the Grand Theatre de Monte Carlo.

Poland is another excellent destination for a weekend away with friends. It is bursting with culture, tourist spots and is packed with evening entertainment, including first-class casinos.

1. Plaza Hotel and Casino

Anyone travelling to Wroclaw will have plenty of options when it comes to picking a casino, but the newly named Plaza Hotel and Casino should be right up there. It boasts 30 slot games and plenty of tables to enjoy poker, blackjack and roulette variations.

The venue is elegant and classy, which make any trip here a little bit more special.

2. Orbis Casino Victoria Hotel

Or maybe you are heading to the Polish capital, Warsaw? Right in the centre of this famous European city, you can find an Orbis chain casino. Although it is not an independent venue, this casino does not feel like a carbon copy of some of its other establishments. Its elegant design, and 4,300 square feet of gaming will keep you entertained.

3. Grand Casino City Hotel

If you are getting away from the most common tourist destinations, you should consider a trip to the characterful old town of Bydgoszcz – and a stay at the Grand Casino Hotel. This hotel merges classy casino experiences with spa facilities and high-quality hotel suites. It makes for a perfect retreat during your Polish adventure.

4. Orbis Casino Grand Hotel Sopot

Another Orbis venue is located at the Grand Hotel Sopot. It is a majestic venue with vibrant floral gardens and a regency feel. Inside the grand hotel, you can discover over 6,000 feet of gaming space, including ten tables for classic casino games. Slot games can be played at any hour from dusk till dawn while other games are available from the start of the afternoon to the early hours.

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