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Playtech partners with Fortuna to strengthen foothold in Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic – One of the largest players in the mobile casino industry, Playtech, has shown its intention to strengthen its footprint in the Czech Republic by extending its partnership with Fortuna, and launching its casino apps in the country.

The apps will have the option for developers to add extra features and promotions to the home screen, while it will be available in 24 languages and will support a variety of regulatory jurisdictions, allowing it to be used across a number of countries and thus potentially creating a wide user base. This app also expands the company’s relationship with Fortuna, after it had launched a solution for the operator earlier in 2020 as well.

This app launch is significant, as it will allow Fortuna customers in the Czech Republic to be able to access a whole host and variety of games which were not available previously. Many popular slot games, such as Buffalo Blitz and Ways of the Phoenix, will be available on the app, along with online roulette gambling and blackjack games as well. These are some of the most popular and most played online casino games, and so Fortuna will be able to direct a lot of traffic onto their app simply by having these games available for users to play.

The recent increase in demand for online gambling solutions, in light of the current global scenario, will also help in this regard, with more and more people going online to play casino games, in the absence of land-based casino options.

Playtech has significant history in the Czech market, of course, having been the first supplier to enter the market back in 2017 through its Fortuna-branded casino app. The relationship between the two companies has only grown stronger since then, with Playtech’s IMS player management platform becoming the platform of choice for all Fortuna brands to use, not just in the Czech Republic but also in Croatia, Slovakia, Poland and Romania.

This view has been shared by both Playtech and Fortuna, as their leading executives stated during the launch of this app. Playtech is looking to expand on its partnership with Fortuna and build a strong brand in the casino app space, with Fortuna serving as a key strategic partner for the supplier in the region.

The casino app will be the main gateway for that, as it will deliver a wide range of casino games and services to users, who did not have easy access to these games previously.

The Czech Republic is a very attractive market for casino gaming, and so it is no surprise that Playtech is focusing so heavily on the country. On the other side, Fortuna will benefit from the technical expertise which Playtech brings, with the app having been developed pretty quickly, and various technical restraints and issues having been sorted out as well before a public release. This should ensure a smooth and seamless release for the public, without any major glitches or issues, which is again important as a factor for gaining usage and trust amongst players.

The app itself is excellent as well, despite the fast build time, which bodes well for this relationship. With Playtech’s technical expertise and Fortuna’s local experience, these two companies have the perfect working relationship in order to be able to deliver the solutions needed for the online gambling space in the Czech Republic as well as other neighbouring countries, and it will be exciting to see how the launch of this native casino app is received by the public.

Early indications are that it will be a big success, bringing live casino games to the public and allowing them to experience the casino from the safety of their homes.

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