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Over half of young Slovak adults live with their parents, according to Eurostat

Bratislava, Slovakia – Slovaks are among the last to leave the parental household in the EU, new figures released by Eurostat show. According to the EU’s statistical office, more than 56% of young Slovak adults aged 25 to 34 still live with their parents, the third highest rate among EU member states after Croatia (62%) and Greece (58%).

These are the only three EU countries where more than half of young adults were still living with their parents last year, according to the study. At the opposite end of the ranking, the lowest rates of young adults aged 25 to 34 residing with their parents were found in Denmark (4%), Finland (4.8%) and Sweden (5.7%).

Among other Visegrad countries, the Czech Republic was the only one below the EU average, with 29% of young adults who live with their parents – compared to 41% in Hungary and 44% in Poland.

Share of young adults aged 25-34 living with their parents

Eurostat estimates that young Slovaks leave, on average, the parental nest at the approximate age of 31 years old (the second highest after Croatia), much later than their counterparts in neighbouring Czech Republic (approximately 26 years old).

Poles and Hungarians are believed the leave the parental household between 27 and 28 years old.

In all EU member states, except for Luxembourg, men left their parents’ home later than women, with Hungary (3 years difference) and Slovakia (2.5 years difference) counting among the countries with the highest gender gaps in that area.

As the authors of the study remind, many variables factor into the decision to leave the parental household, including the “level of financial independence, labour market conditions, the affordability of housing”, along with cultural particularities, the average length of studies or whether or not young people are in a relationship.

You can also compare the findings with last year’s results right here.

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