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Slovakia advises citizens not to travel to Prague over COVID-19 risk

Prague, Czech Republic – In the face of the resurgence of the COVID-19 pandemic across Europe, Slovakia updated its travel recommendations and advised its citizens not to travel to specific regions in countries where free movement applies, including Prague in neighbouring Czech Republic.

As reported by the TASR news agency, Slovakia’s Foreign Ministry urged its citizens to reconsider their trips planned in areas where the epidemiological situation is deteriorating. slovakia prague covid

After Spain, along with some regions in the Netherlands, Poland, Ireland and the U.K., Slovak authorities added Prague on the list earlier this week – as well as Belgium, three French regions, two Croatian ones, one Danish and one Estonian province.

The travel advice only applies to Prague, and not the Czech Republic as a whole. If the trip cannot be postponed, the Slovak Foreign Ministry urged its citizens to closely monitor the situation ahead of their travel to the Czech capital.

Source: Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic

Slovaks are the second-largest foreign-born community in the Czech Republic, topped only by Ukrainians, with at least 110,000 of them currently living – usually for work or studies – in the neighbouring country, according to the Czech statistical office (although real figures are believed to be higher).

Both countries, which peacefully split in 1993, have been largely successful in containing the first wave of COVID-19, but have seen their numbers surge in recent weeks after relaxing some anti-coronavirus restrictions during the summer.

On Tuesday, Slovakia had registered a total of 3,022 positive cases of coronavirus infection (incidence rate of 55 per 100,000 people, one of the lowest in the EU), and 33 people have died from the disease. The Czech Republic, on the other hand, had reported 20,500 cases of COVID-19 infection, for an incidence rate of 191 per 100,000 inhabitants. More than 400 people have died in the country as a result of the pandemic, including more than 100 in Prague.

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