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In pictures: Czech National Gallery displays forms of Brutalism in Prague

Prague, Czech Republic – The Czech capital is world-renowned for its baroque, gothic, and renaissance sights. But the city also hosts a range of astounding modern buildings. One of these is the seat of the Czech National Gallery in Prague, Trade Fair Palace, which currently displays the exhibition ‘NO DEMOLITIONS!’ about the various forms of brutalism in the Czech capital.

Although brutalist buildings play an important role in the city’s architectural landscape, some Czechs would prefer to get rid of these concrete giants altogether. Combined with the lucrative locations of these buildings, the future of brutalism in Prague seems uncertain.

To make sense of the situation and understand why these buildings continue to divide, we spoke with the curator of the exhibition Helena Doudová. You can read the interview here.

Here’s a selection of some of the photographs, models, and architectural plans currently on display in the National Gallery. For full experience, visit the Czech National Gallery in Prague.

The exhibition runs until November 22.

AF 3@
Hotel Intercontinental – Karel Filsak, Karel Bubeníček, Jiří Louda, Jaroslav Švec a kol. (1968–1974)
AF 7@
Transgas Complex – Ivo Loos, Jindřich Malátek, Václav Aulický, Jiří Eisenreich, Jiří Kozák, Jan Fišer (1966–1978)
AF 12@
PZO Omnipol Building – Zdeněk Kuna, Zdeněk Stupka, Milan Valenta, Josef Zdražil, Ladislav Vrátník (1974–1979)
AF 14@
PZO Centrotex Building – Václav Hilský, Otakar Jurenka (1972–1978)
AF 22@
Center of Home Design – Věra Machoninová, Vladimír Machonin (1971–1981)

By Matej Voda 

Matej Voda writes about democratic backsliding, popular culture, and disinformation. He is based in Prague. Feel free to check out more of his articles right here! You can also find him on Twitter.

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